Gas Fittings

Gas Fittings

Gas Fittings

At F&M Plumbers and Drainers our expert team can be relied upon to ensure gas fittings and fixtures around your home or business are installed and maintained for total safety.

We are able to locate and repair gas leaks as well as general gas fittings.

Gas leak detection and repair should not be delayed as your health and safety may be at risk.

We also install cook tops and ovens.

Gas leaks can be extremely hazardous and dangerous potentially causing damage to your property.

Here at F&M we have the correct gas equipment to test and confirm if there is a leak within your home and office.

Below ground gas leaks or leaks within concealed spaces are able to located and if necessary the gas pipework can be replaced.

Gas leaks can occur in the following areas around the home and or office:

  • Gas meter
  • Gas stove
  • Gas heater
  • Gas oven
  • Gas hot water heater
  • Gas BBQ
  • Gas bayonet points

It is easy and safe to check for gas leaks yourself.

  1. Turn off all of the gas appliances at the control point
  2. Before you go to bed write down the gas metre reading and check if it has changed by morning
  3. If the number on your meter has risen overnight it is possible there is a gas leak requiring plumbing services

Identifying and stopping a gas leak is the first important step in making your property safe again whilst also saving money not paying for leaking gas.

F&M Plumbers and Drainers are equipped to replace your existing gas pipes (natural gas or LPG) should they require replacement replacement, upgrading or extending.

The gas leak may be within a section of pipe, in a connection, within the appliance itself or elsewhere on the property.

The F&M team are able to install any gas installations whether your gas appliance is run by LPG or Natural gas. This includes:

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas ovens
  • Gas hot plates or cooktops
  • Gas BBQ’s
  • Gas Heaters
  • Cook tops and ovens
  • Gas stoves

Here at F&M Plumbers and Drainers we will repair gas leak problems all over the Sunshine Coast to keep you and your property safe as well as preventing unnecessary high gas bills.

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